March 26, 2013

Nerds 4 Life

Hey everyone!  Laura from PolishAddict sent me a couple of her newbies to share with you guys!  Today I will be showing you Nerds 4 Life:

The base to this is the softest, most delicate shade of coral I have ever seen and for those of you who know me...I LOVE me some coral!  It has pink, yellow, and white tiny hex glitters as well as....scattered holo throughout.  Perfect combination! 

Here she is after only 2 coats:

 For some reason these pictures don't transfer the holo goodness so here's a macro to prove that they do exist:

 Gorgeous right???

I also tried it over Sally Hansen Sorbet because I felt like this matched closely with the base.
The pics just prove that you don't need a base with Nerds 4 Life.
Here's one coat over Sally Hansen:

  Overall, I loved this polish!  The colored glitters make a great combination and are perfect for Spring.  Formula was just fine, had absolutely no problem with application.

Laura makes some awesome polish and recently expanded and started making other products  like lip balm and lotion balm sticks.  Check her out here.
<3 Support Indie polish makers <3

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