September 9, 2013

The 31 Day Challenge 2013

Hey everyone   The time has come again where The 31 Day Challenge has been floating around in the nail community.  This was originally created by the ever so talented Chalkboard Nails a few years ago.  I've wanted many times to join in on the fun, and as much as I love painting my nails, I just couldn't see myself carving out time for nail art every day.  Then I came across Chalkboard Nails 2011 post when she decided to try this challenge for the first time.  I think she said it ended up taking her about 3 months to complete - that was enough to encourage me to do this challenge at my own pace.  Sooooo, I will be attempting this 31 Day Challenge!  I'm excited to start as it will force me to be creative and work on my nail skills.  I will still continue to post other swatches and/or reviews as usual :)
Who wants to join me (at their own pace)??

Happy Monday <3

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