May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone! I hope all of you Mommy's are enjoying your day! This Momma was very spoiled this weekend - I got 20 new bottles of polish to show you!  I got 2 packs of Color Club Collections but I'm very frustrated because I can't figure out exactly what collection they're from. I mean, I know it says right on the box but it doesn't match what they have on their website. Which leaves a lot of these as no-namers and that drives me crazy!
The glitter set says Glitter Vixen Collection on the box but when I look at swatches they don't match at all! The second are the neon's that I assume are from the Poptastic Collection, but it doesn't say for sure.  I can't complain though because each box set was only $7.99...amazing deal! If any of you own these or know exactly what collection they're from please let me know...I would appreciate it so much! In the meantime I'll just keep searching, trying to figure it out. 
 I know I'm a little late on these next ones but I'm just glad I finally have them to try :D
China Glaze's Magnetic's!
I also got a few fun things on the side to help out with my nail fun ;)
A new Konad stamper and a brush/dotting tool set from Bundle Monster. Now I finally have brushes specific for more using my other regular art brushes yay!
And now for my NOTD...I used these 2 colors from my new (Poptastic?) Color Club Collection.  The yellow is appearing a bit more neon than it actually is. The pink is about dead on. 

Now I'm off to enjoy my Mother's Day with my beautiful family...thanks to my husband and daughter for making today and everyday so wonderful! 
Happy Mother's Day <3

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