May 19, 2012

Mystery Color Club

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying this lovely weekend :) 
I know this may sound dumb to some but I am so frustrated with my Color Clubs because they don't have names!!  Apparently, if you buy individual Color Club bottles they label them but if you buy the entire box collection they don't feel the need to...WTF?!? I've even searched online and it's no here it is, the mystery Color Club mani!  I was planning on messing with this mani a little more but had no time so just left it with the simple accent.
 I tried to take extra bottle shots. If these colors look familiar to you please help me out???
The glitter almost makes me think it's Sugar Plum Fairy but I still don't think that may be right.

Happy Saturday <3


  1. The glitter may be Magic Attraction which is a bit pinker compared to Sugar Plum Fairy. The purple looks like Pucci-licious to me. Those are my guesses.

  2. First of all, I loooove the mani. It's so annoying when polishes don't have labels on them.

    I MAY not be right, but I think the purple color is "Pucci-licious" from the Poptastic Collection. The glitter looks to be "Sugar Plum Fairy" or either "Magic Attraction" from the Glitter Vixen Collection.

  3. They only don't have names if you buy them from places like Marshall's... it's so annoying that to get the names you have to pay full price!

  4. Thanks so much for your helped me discover that one of these is actually from the Poptastic Collection! Thank you!!