October 13, 2012

Tippur Review

Hey everyone! Today I have an awesome product to review for you!
 Its the Nail Polish Bottle Holder made by the Tippur Company.  
Say hello to your new third hand :)

There's lots of things I love about this product so lets get started!

First off, it's got a grip lining on the bottom so it stays put.

It's also got a weighted ball on one end and comes with little foam inserts so that it can fit multiple sizes of bottles.
It has full motion - you can literally get every last drop of polish out of your bottle!

 I tested using an Orly, China Glaze, a mini Color Club and even...a Butter London bottle.

                                                                   It's so universal! Every bottle fit perfectly!

The Tippur comes in 6 different colors and goes for $9.95 (plus free shipping!) Click here for more information on the product/company or to order your very own polish holder!  

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  1. I'm Getting this! Thanks for the exceptional review!