April 16, 2012

Galaxy Nails & a Neon

Hey everyone! Sorry I left you hanging all weekend...didn't make time to post I guess! Galaxy nails is something I've wanted to try for a while now but just haven't...until now :)
This was definitely a fun mani to do and for some reason my right hand turned out better than my left which is unusual since I'm right handed....oh well!
Here are all the bottles of polish I used for this: I'll list the names below if you're interested.
 Here is an indoor shot of my left hand...I got a little sponge-happy.  Also, I have a glitter on for the "stars" but this pic didn't pick up on any of those lovelies.
 This one kinda got some of those fabulous glitters :)
 Here we are outside in natural light - this is still my sponge-happy left hand
 and here are some shots of my right hand...these turned out a little better in my opinion.  Overall, I think it looks pretty cool and it was fun to do...practice makes perfect!

 This is my mess after I was all done...not too bad huh?
 On Saturday we went out to dinner for my Mom's birthday and I thought I'd rock this fun mani for her...haha!
 I used China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy and just some acrylics I have lying around. The cheetah print didn't come out as perfect as I wanted it to due to the fact that I was using regular paint brushes that I've used on canvas and paper so they have a lot of wear.  Waiting for that husband of mine to buy me actual nail art brushes ;) 
If you're interested in recreating the Galaxy nail look, here are all the polishes I used:
1 - Pure Ice, Black Rage as my base
2 - Pure Ice, Super Star! for sponging 
3 - China Glaze, First Mate for sponging
4 - Love & Beauty, Rose for sponging
5 - Prisma Luminous Color - glitter
and as always I used Seche Vite base and top coat! 
Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. OMG!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Your nails are FANTASTIC! Would you mind if I try to copy them but link your blog as my inspiration? . Thanks so much for sharing

  2. It's amazing to hear you say that!! Thank you so much for the compliment...Of course you can link me as your inspiration! I'm glad my designs inspire others...I know I'm inspired by other peoples nail art all the time :D