April 28, 2012

Stampy Fun

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.  Today I tried a new color that's been sitting on my rack for some time now. It's Revlon's Plum Night - the name fits perfectly, it's a dark-almost-black looking deep purple.   I also used Sally Hansen's Gunmetal for stamping which you'll see below. 
*Pic heavy...'cause I can't decide ;)
 The great thing about this polish is that she's super shiny all on her own. No topcoat needed! 

 Then I decided to ruin it with stamping! Okay, I guess ruin is too strong of a word but I hate when I have this wonderful nail idea in my head and then, like in this case, the stamp doesn't fit my full nail! Grrrr...it bugs me so bad! I've asked for tips on how to avoid this and I hear you can do half of your nail at a time but how the hell are you supposed to align the image perfectly??? If any one can answer me that I'll love you forever! Sorry for the mini rant...here's my pics:  I used BM plate 208

 Then my little 7 yr old, Maia, wanted in on the nail fun so this is what we came up with ;)

Here she is with her Momma <3 

Happy Saturday!

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