March 23, 2012

My 2nd Attempt at Full Stamping

Happy Friday everyone!  In my last post I swatched Demure by Revlon for you and I just happened to love it so much that I actually left it on for a whopping 2 whole days!  Then today I decided I would go ahead and stamp over it but I had such a hard time deciding what color would look good against this beauty.  I ended  up settling on a Color Club...that has no name! Grrr so annoying.  It came in a collection I got for Christmas this year but none of the bottles were labeled.  Anyway it looked like a dark midnight blue until.....I took it outside and realized that it's actually a purple :)                                     
          Without flash...
 and with flash...
  I used BM plate 223 - you can see I still need some practice with the full stamper..I missed some edges but overall it's not too bad.  These pictures were all taken outside in natural light.

P.S. If anyone owns this Color Club or has any idea what it's called or even what collection it's from please let me know :)
**Side note: My sofa casing came in way earlier than the expected 4-6 took only 6 days! For those of you who care ;)

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