March 3, 2012

Tape Mani Tutorial

Hello, hello! Sorry I'm getting this up so late I've had a busy day and a slow computer :( Anyway, on to the mani...a fine stripey one!
I had a hard time capturing the true colors with my camera but here it is

So here is what I used: Orly's Wild Wisteria which is a very plum purple with some dark blue undertones & Sally Hansen's Snappy Sorbet, a very bright orange/coral.

Step 1: Paint all nails with one accent
In natural light...

In artificial light...

Step 2: Cut very small, thin pieces of Scotch tape.
*Tip - Make sure to stick the tape to the palm of your hand a few times before cutting it into strips to take away some of the tackiness, otherwise the tape could peel off some of your base.

Step 3: Align the strips of tape very carefully, making sure to press down around all the edges.

Step 4: Paint a coat or two of your 2nd color over your entire nail.
(sorry for the bad pic...)

Step 5: Quickly and very carefully peel away the tape.  It is very important that you do this while the polish is still wet.  Do not wait for it to dry to peel off the tape strips.

and TA DA! 

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