March 30, 2012

Zoya Swatch

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I have another Zoya swatch for you...this time it's Riley, a beautiful plum/magenta.  This definitely needs 2-3 coats but is a great Fall or Winter color.
Here it is with the flash on...
 Without flash...
 Sorry about the quality of these pics...I don't know what happened.

 Then, because I think I'm cool, I tried to turn it into a gradient/galaxy mani and didn't like the turn out (what is wrong with me lately?!).  Anyway I thought I'd still share it...
If anyone has tips on how to successfully do one of these manis I'd greatly appreciate it! I used one of those triangle makeup sponges to dab on the other colors...

 If anyone would like to re-create my look (or at least the look I was trying to go for) here's what I used:
2 coats of Riley by Zoya
Then sponged Fifth Avenue by China Glaze over about 1/2 of my nail
then sponged Pure Ice's Desire You
and added a little bit of Prisma Luminous Color glitter over the ends. 

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