March 14, 2012

Pink Wednesday Water Marble and BIG Fail :(

Hey everyone! Man did I have some trouble with this mani :(  Let me share how it all started...I was on the phone when I grabbed a bottle of Essie and my Seche Vite, I tossed them on my couch to come back for them later.  Well they ended up landing right on top of each other and completely shattered the bottle of SV (which was practically full). It was a huge mess, and we've not even had our couches for a full year yet!  I was sooo mad at myself.  Luckily, we purchased a 5-year warranty so they should replace the cushion.  Anyway, after that party I wasn't really in the mood to polish but I did anyway and messed up and had to re-do again.  It was just not my night.  So let me apologize in advance for half-assed nails but I did my best under the circumstances ;)
I used Essie French Affair for the base and for the marbling I used Pure Ice Kiss Me Here and Flirt Alert.
 I then marbled just on an accent...
 I used 2 coats and all these pics were taken indoors since it was already dark out.


  1. You're so sweet...thank you! The big fail was the mess on the couch. Although, I have done better marbles in my time too :)

  2. Very very nice water marbling. I must try this soon!